The easiest way to install is to use Moodle and’s automated install feature. The process is a little long winded, but really is the simplest, and easiest to maintain way. You will need to select and install each of the plugins that you wish to install. Start with the Poodll filter, because everything depends on that. Once that is installed you can pick and choose from the other plugins.

1. Check your site’s PHP max_execution_time

This should be set to 300 or greater. The Poodll filter is bigger than most plugins, and it’s possible that the installation will timeout if the max_execution_time is too low. Check this by visiting:
Site Administration->Server->Php Info

It will look like this.

If it is too low, see here for details on how to increase it, or simply ask your admin people, or server hosting company to do it.

2. Go to your site’s plugins installer and install them

Your Moodle site has a handy system for installing plugins automatically by connecting to to download them. From the site administration menu, go to:
plugins -> install plugins

Choose to install from the Moodle plugins directory.

If you are not already logged into, you will need to .

Then search for PoodLL in the “search plugins” bar.

From the list of plugins choose first the PoodLL filter, and then later each of the plugins you will install. On the next page you will see an “install” button.

You will then be shown a list if your Moodle sites, and you should choose which to install on, and press the install link.

After that Moodle should lead you through the plugin installation

N.B. he PoodLL filter has a lot of settings that on installation/upgrade are not displayed with any context. In that case simply leave them as is, scroll to the bottom, which might be a long way. Then continue to the end of the installation.

Later you should return to enter your registration key at least in the PoodLL filter general settings page.

The plugin URLs on

For your reference the plugin file URLs on are as follow.

PoodLL Filter

PoodLL Atto editor icon

PoodLL TinyMCE editor icon

PoodLL Assignment Submission

PoodLL Assignment Feedback

PoodLL Database Activity Field

PoodLL Recording Question Type

PoodLL Repository