1. Login at Poodll.com

When you first register for the free trial, an account is created for you on Poodll.com. So you will have both an account and a free trial subscription. To upgrade you should first login, and then purchase your new subscription. That way your user information, and the URLs that you registered, will be retained and you won’t have to enter them again.

In most cases you will still be logged in, because Poodll remembers you. But you can check and login if yiou need to via the members link at the top of the page.

2. Purchase your new subscription

Visit the price page for the subscription you are interested in. For Poodll Essentials that can be found at : https://poodll.com/poodll-pricing


Select the subscription you wish to purchase and you will arrive at a checkout page that looks like this.

 You can pay by credit card immediately or choose to pay by "Invoice." Either way your subscription becomes active immediately. If you select "Invoice" we will email your invoice within 24 hours. That invoice can be paid by credit card or bank transfer..

3. Updating your site

In most cases you will not need to do anything to update your site. You will have received an API user and secret for your account when you started your free trial. Via those Poodll will automatically detect your new subscription information. 

There may be a delay however. So to detect those changes immediately:

  1. Visit the plugin's settings page in the admin area. For the Poodll filter, that is the General Settings page. You will see the API username and secret area there. It will look like this.

  2. Click on "Refresh license information" and Poodll will update your information locally

If you install any new Cloud Poodll plugin be sure to enter the API user and secret in the settings. For Classic Poodll plugins, you only need to enter them in the Poodll filter general settings.