Poodll allows you to “create” players from presets. By default there are already several audio players in Poodll. The default is Audio JS (shim). Its very basic, but its a good player. However there are several other players, including:

  • Multi Speed Player (multi speed player)
  • Video JS Audio
  • MediaElement Audio
  • Once Player JS (plays just once)
  • Native audio (uses the browser’s native HTML5 audio player)
  • Mini Audio Player (single button player)

Its a cinch to create a player. In this example we will use MediaElement Audio. But the process is the same for other players too.

Creating audio player: Media Element Audio

First go to an empty template, or a template you don’t use, amongst the templates at:

site admin -> plugins -> filters -> poodll filter -> templates

Then choose “(P) Media Element Audio” from the list of presets at the top.

All the text boxes, lists and controls on the page will be filled with the data from the preset. Scroll to the bottom and press “Save changes.”

Assigning audio player: Mediaelement Audio to file extension MP3

Now that we have a player, we need to tell Moodle to use this player when it handles MP3 files. You can tell Moodle to make this player the default MP3 player for the whole site. Or you can set the player to be used just on the pages/courses where you need it. The following explains how to set it as the site default.

First visit:

Site administration -> Plugins -> Filters -> Poodll -> File extension settings

Scroll down to the “Handle MP3” section. Make sure that “Handle MP3” is checked, and choose the audio player you created earlier “Media Element Audio” from the MP3 Player dropdown list.

Scroll to the bottom and press “Save changes.”

From now on Poodll will use MediaElement Audio to handle all MP3 files. If it doesn’t check that:

i) the Poodll filter is enabled
ii) the Poodll filter is higher in the list of filters than Multimedia Plugins filter
Site administration -> Plugins -> Filters -> Manage filters

More Reading

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