Poodll has two whiteboards, Literally Canvas and Drawing Board. Its possible to set the background image on a whiteboard in:

  •  the Poodll recording question type
  • the Online Poodll assignment submission, assignment feedback
  • the Poodll database activity field. 

The background image is set when those activities are in edit mode, ie in the instance settings. It is not possible for students to upload a photo into the whiteboard and scribble on it.

Poodll Anywhere for Atto andTinyMCE do not explicitly offer an "upload an image to scribble on" feature. In Poodll Anywhere the default whiteboard is Drawing Board, because its minimal interface fits better in a popup. DrawingBoard supports dragging an image onto the canvas. Which you can then scribble on. The whiteboard used in Poodll Anywhere, and in greater Poodll, can be selected in the admin settings.