Sometimes if your recordings fail or you cannot access the PoodLL Support Info page on your Moodle site, it will be because the permissions for some of the files in the PoodLL filter are incorrect. Occasionally when you use Moodle's plugin installer you can get this problem. NB. Windows based servers will not be affected by this problem. You may get an error like this, '[an error occurred while processing this directive]' or a blank page when you access these pages with your browser.

  • [your moodle site]/filter/poodll/poodlldiagnostics.php
  • [your moodle site]/filter/poodll/poodllfilelib.php
  • [your moodle site]/filter/poodll/ajaxmediaquery.php
  • [your moodle site]/filter/poodll/poodllnotification.php
  • [your moodle site]/lib/editor/atto/plugins/poodll/dialog/poodll.php

You may also encounter an error on upload of a recording, that looks like this:
"Post Process s3 Upload Error:403"

In these cases you need to set the permissions on the above files to 644 (read-write , read, read). You can do this using an FTP client or via the CPanel's file manager (if your site uses CPanel) This article explains how to change file permissions with Cpanel.

The same situation can occur if the entire Poodll filter folder is owned by the wrong system user, OR has the wrong permissions. In this case check that the folder permissions and owner match the folder permissions and owner of other folders in the same folder.