Poodll widgets are ready made items that you can add to a page to perform different functions. Poodll widgets include, stopwatches, timers, charts, test to speech, tabs and accordians.


To use Poodll widgets you will need to install the following Poodll plugins:

  • The Poodll Filter
  • Poodll Anywhere for Atto (optional but strongly recommended)

Using Poodll Widgets

The process of inserting a Poodll widget goes like this.

1. Select the Poodll widget icon
2. Choose the widget from the menu

3. Insert it on the page

4. Display the page (snd the widget).

The widgets are inserted into an HTML editor area as Poodll filter strings. Poodll will expand the filter strings into the widget when the page is displayed. 

A Poodll filter string looks like this:


When displayed, that might look like this.

What widgets are there?

By default Poodll has more than 15 widget templates already set up for you. They are:

  • Tabs (container)
  • Tab item
  • Accordian (Container)
  • Accordian item
  • Button maker
  • Countdown timer
  • Dice
  • Flipclock
  • Toggle (with icon)
  • Lightbox
  • Calculator
  • Popup recorder
  • Popover
  • Speechcards
  • Tap to hear word
  • Passage Reader
  • Text to Audio
  • Soundboard

Other widgets are available as presets to be added to the menu, and there is a community of users also producing widgets independently.

Creating Widget Templates from Presets

Templates are bundles of CSS/JS and HTML. When inserted on the page, along with any settings, they become widgets. To add to your list of widget templates, you can choose from the dropdown list of template presets at the top of a blank template settings page at:
Site administration -> Plugins -> Filters -> Poodll Filter -> Templates


Poodll widgets are usually compatible with the Generico filter and Atto icon.