The Poodll Once Player (audio) restrict the user from playing the audio more than once.

There are also twice and thrice and multiplayers which are shades of the same player, and look a little different. Most of the audio players around your site will not be once players, so we will need to set up our quiz to use once players, and leave the site player settings alone. 

Tell the Quiz to use Once Players

  1. From the quiz admin block choose "filters"

  2. Choose "settings" beside the Poodll filter entry

  3. Select "OncePlayerJs" as the handler for MP3

If you do not have a "OncePlayerJS" option, you will need to create one and return to complete this step. Details on how to do that are below. But if you do have the option, then you are all done. Congratulations.

The Once Player template

If you have a OncePlayerJS option then you do not need to do this.  If you do not, its easy enough to create one. 

  1. Visit Site administration -> plugins -> filters -> poodll -> templates
  2. Open an empty templates page
  3. Choose "OncePlayerJS" from the list of presets at the top of the page

  4. Scroll to the bottom and press "save changes"