Server requirements:

If your server can run Moodle 3.1 or greater, then it can run Poodll.

Moodle 3.1 requirements

For cloud recording (conversion in the cloud) your server will need to be able to access Amazon S3 and Amazon Elastic Transcoder services. Its uncommon that this would require additional setup, but occasionally an exception needs to be added to the firewall outbound rules in a strict intranet situation.

Your server should also be running under an HTTPS URL, ie it should have a valid SSL certificate signed by a recognized authority. Without this many modern browsers will not grant access to the microphone or webcam.


Client requirements:

For audio recording: a microphone and speaker/headset
For video recording: a web camera

Supported browsers on desktop:

Google Chrome: Version 43 +

Mozilla Firefox: Version 48 +

Apple Safari: Version 9 +

Micosoft Edge: 20 +

Microsoft Internet Explorer: 11 +

Supported browsers on mobile:

iOS: Mobile Safari

Android: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

  • These are recommendations only. Older browsers may work equally as well.