Cloud Poodll for Atto contains 4 icons, video recorder, audio recorder, screen recorder, and widgets. It is possible to turn icons on and off site wide from the admin settings for the plugin at:

Site administration -> Plugins -> Text editors -> Atto -> Cloud Poodll

To enable/disable using permissions

The entire Cloud Poodll for Atto toolbar can be shown/hidden using the following capability:


Individual icons can also be shown or hidden because Cloud Poodll for Atto implements Moodle capabilities for each icon. This allows you to control which icons your Moodle site users can access based on their role (student / teacher etc).

Video recorderatto/cloudpoodll:allowvideo
Audio recorderatto/cloudpoodll:allowaudio
Screen recorderatto/cloudpoodll:allowscreen

Using Moodle Capabilities/Permissions

Though powerful, Moodle capabilities are quite complex. It is most common to assign a set of capabilities to a Moodle user role. And then all users with that role will have that set of permissions. It is possible to make custom roles in Moodle.

As an example, to hide the Cloud Poodll for atto toolbar from students:

  1. Visit: Site administration -> Users - > Define roles
  2. In turn edit the settings for the "student" role and the "authenticated user" role.
  3. Search for "atto/cloudpoodll:visible" and uncheck the Allow permission box, and Save Changes.

The process is the same to hide/show individual icons. Moodle makes it possible to assign custom roles in courses and activities so, though a little complex, it is possible to quite flexible in where you allow students and staff to use Cloud Poodll for Atto.