Atto Subtitle is a subtitle editing and authoring tool. It can be used on any video or audio in Moodle, not just Poodll created ones. 

Adding Atto Subtitle to the Atto toolbar

After installing Cloud Poodll we need to add the word "subtitle" to the Atto toolbar settings in the location that we want it to show. 

Do this at: Site administration -> Plugins -> Text editors -> Atto toolbar settings

Now when an Atto HTML editor is displayed the Atto Subtitle icon should appear in the toolbar at the location set earlier.

Using Atto Subtitle

Atto Subtitle will only work when an audio or video file link or player is selected. To select a link it is only necessary to click on the link in the editor. To select a media player you will need to select it with the mouse so that it has a blue selection halo around it.

When the audio/video is selected, and you click on the Atto Subtitle icon, the subtitle editor will display. If subtitles are already present, they will load. If not the subtitle area will be empty. The subtitle editor can be resized by dragging on it's lower right corner.

Audio Subtitling

Video Subtitling

The Editor Layout

The editor tile

The editor tile is where all the action happens. The action buttons are described in the diagram below.

Downloading or Uploading Subtitle files

Poodll allows you to upload and download subtitle files using the subtitle editor. On the far right click the "cog" and a panel will slide out with a green box. Tap the green box to download subtitles. Or drag a file over the green box to upload them.

Playing videos with subtitles

Not all video players can play subtitles, and most audio players cannot. The Poodll filter has a range of video players and some audio players that can. 

Poodll video and audio players will display subtitles if the video or audio was embedded as a media link.

The Moodle multi media plugins filter in Moodle defaults to using Video JS for audio and video. Moodle's Video JS player will display subtitles for video and audio if the video or audio was embedded as a media player.