Intelliboard has included a set of reports for Poodll users. At the current time (October 2018) there are 3 reports:

  • Poodll plugin instances
  • Poodll locations
  • Poodll recordings

The Poodll reports can be accessed from your Intelliboard dashboard at:

 Reports -> Activity Reports -> Poodll

Poodll plugin instances

This report shows the number and type of Poodll plugin instances in each of your Moodle courses.

Poodll Recording Locations

This report shows the number of recordings, their file types and their file sizes by course and activity. 

Poodll Recordings

This report shows the total file size and count of recordings per course. This report also allows you to see the report data broken into learner and teacher categories. In organisations where Poodll is used for teacher feedback this is an interesting report.