Uninstalling Poodll is simply a matter of following Moodle's plugin uninstall procedure for each of the installed plugins. To begin, visit your Moodle site's plugin overview page:

Site administration -> Plugins -> Plugins overview

This will list all the Moodle plugins installed, some version information about them and in most cases you will see an "uninstall" link. 

Because there are a lot of plugins in Moodle, and most of those are actually "core" plugins (ie a part of Moodle itself) you can narrow the list to just 3rd party plugins like Poodll, by clicking on the "additional plugins" link at the top of the "Plugins overview" page.

Click on the "uninstall" link and uninstall each plugin one by one. Moodle will guide you through the process. You may be asked to remove the plugin folder from the Moodle file system. If Moodle does not have permission to remove it for you, and you did not remove it, Moodle would then immediately try to "re-install" it. So if asked you should use FTP, or CPanel or whatever system you use to manage the web server where Moodle is, and remove the plugin folder.

What to do if there is no "Uninstall" link?

There will be no "Uninstall" link in two cases:

  1. You have instances of that plugin type in Moodle.
    e.g If you have Poodll Recording Questions in your question bank, Moodle will not let you uninstall the Poodll Recording Question Type.

  2. Other plugins depend on the one you want to uninstall.
    This will be the case with the Poodll filter. You can not uninstall this, if other Classic Poodll plugins that depend on it are installed.
    The screenshot below illustrates this case.

In this situation you need to remove any instances of the plugin type in Moodle before uninstalling. And in the case of the Poodll filter, after uninstalling the other classic Poodll plugins, you will be able to uninstall the Poodll filter.