There are two steps to creating your EnglishCentral activities. 

  • Create and save the activity
  • Add videos to the activity

Create the activity

Creating a Poodll EnglishCentral activity in a course is just like creating other standard activities in Moodle.

  1. Set the course to "Editing Mode". The location of the "Turn editing on" link will vary by theme,

  2. Select "add an activity or resource"

  3. From the list of activities, choose the "EnglishCentral" activity and click on Add.

  4. Set the activity name, and other standard settings. And also set the EnglishCentral specific settings,  "Timing" and "Goals."  Finally click on “Save Display”.

    The activity will display, but without any videos. It will look like this ... until you add some videos.

Add Videos to the Activity

  1. Use the video search bar to search for topics, keywords or key vocabulary.  Navigate and search for videos you want to use in the activity.

  2. You’ll be given a list of videos. Click on the plus icon to add the video to the activity.

  3. The video will be added to that activity and will be shown above the search bar.

  4. To delete the video from the activity, drag the video to the trash bin. Click on ok when prompted to confirm if you want to delete the video from the activity.