You can add a ReadSeed course as an "External tool" activity on your own Moodle site.  Your students and staff will be logged in automatically when they access it and teachers will see a dashboard of student progress.

Ask Poodll Support for your own LTI course

Request LTI details from Poodll will send you back an email with the details you need to add ReadSeed to your Moodle. It may sound complex, but you will be up and running in 5 minutes, and you do not even need to be a site administrator. There is also a video of the process here:

There are three items in a set of credentials.
* The Tool URL (1 for each course)
* The Secret
* A Consumer Key

You should use your username as your "Consumer Key." The "Tool URL" and "Secret" will be in the email that you get from Poodll

Add the ReadSeed course to your Moodle site:

Adding a ReadSeed course as an "External tool"  in a course on your site is like creating other standard activities in Moodle.

  1.  "Turn Editing on" in your course. The location of the "Turn editing on" link will vary by theme,

  2. Select "Add an activity or resource"

  3. Select "External Tool" from the activity chooser popup, and press "Add"

  4. Give the activity a name and set the Tool URL. A few seconds after you paste the Tool URL, a green check mark should appear beside it.

  5. After you have pasted the Tool URL and gotten the green check mark, click the "Show more" button. This will reveal more fields on the page

  6. Set the Launch Container to "New WIndow."
    There are other options, but do not choose any "Embed" options because your student microphones will not work in "embed" modes.

  7. Then enter the Consumer key (your username) and Secret

  8. Finally "Save and return to course"

  9. When you click on the newly created activity a new window will open with your ReadSeed course.