We regularly update Poodll filter and other plugins. To update plugins on your own site, please follow these steps:

1) Visit your site's plugin overview page

Site administration -> plugins -> plugins overview

2) Check the available updates

You can simply begin installing the updates, by clicking the "Install available updates" button. However it is a good idea to check them first. Then you are aware of what you are updating. So click on the "Available updates" link to show the plugins which have updates available.

3) Click "Install this Update" in the information section of the plugin you wish to update.

4) Moodle will check its ok to install the update. But its not actually installing yet. Click "Continue"

5) Moodle will give you one more chance to add other plugins to be updated, and to cancel the upcoming update.

Install any other plugin updates you see (as in step 3). And when ready, clock "Upgrade Moodle Database now" at the bottom of the page.

The installation of the plugin update will start.

6) When the plugin is installed you will see a message about that. And you will have a chance to check any new settings that were added in the process.