Read Seed is a reading practice, assessment, and progress monitoring tool for use in K-6 schools. The program uses voice recording and speech transcription capabilities to obtain words per minute (WPM) scores for each student. Comprehension is also assessed through a multiple choice quiz. One of the main benefits of Read Seed is that direct grading by the teacher is not required. However, the program includes a grading interface that allows teachers to listen to student recordings and amend scores as they see fit. Power Grade mode also enables teachers accustomed to administering running records to indicate errors and self-corrects as well as tag them as Meaning, Structure, and Visual. 

Parts of a Read Seed task:

  • There are two main parts to a Read Seed task: 

  1.  oral reading 

  2.  silent reading with quiz. 

  • In Part 1, the program records the students as they read aloud. In Part 2 the students read again, this time silently, and answer a series of comprehension questions. 

  • Part 1 is a timed task, with students generally reading for one minute (though the time can be configured). Part 2 is completed at the student’s own pace. 

  • Upon answering the last of the comprehension questions, student are returned to the dashboard where they can view:  WPM score, quiz results, flower character they’ve earned for completing the task.

Steps for the Student:

Provided the student is familiar with the school’s LMS and the procedures for logging in and navigating to the course page, the process of doing a Read Seed task should be simple. What follows is an outline of the steps the students will take after successfully reaching the course page. 

  • Prepare headset microphone or other recording device (if the teacher has not already done so)

  • Locate the Read Seed activity on the course page and open it
    (*NOTE - Read Seed will open in a new window and the student will be automatically logged in)

1. The Read Seed start page

  • Watch video explaining the Read Seed task
    (*NOTE - video appears only on first login)

  • Press the blue “First Reading” button on the right side of the screen

2. The Read Seed activity [mic test]

  • Press the “SPEAK” button on the right side of the screen and say your name
    (*NOTE - depending on the browser settings, it may be necessary to give Read Seed permission to access the microphone)

  • Wait until the button changes color and the button text reads “START”

  • Press the “START” button

3. The Read Seed activity [reading]

  • Wait for the countdown to complete

  • When the text appears begin reading aloud (*NOTE - do not stop until the text disappears)

  • After the text disappears, wait a moment for the recording to upload

  • When the button changes color and the button text reads “Next”, press the button

4. The Read Seed activity [quiz]

  • Read the text silently at your own pace and answer the questions on the right side of the screen
    (*NOTE - there is only one chance to answer each question)

  • Press the “NEXT” button after selecting each answer
    (*NOTE - When there are no remaining questions, the seed character will change into a flower)

  • Press the “FINISH” button

5. Check results on the dashboard

  • Check WPM and quiz score on the dashboard and see the flower character earned
    (*NOTE - it may take several minutes for the WPM score to appear while the transcription is processed)

  • Close the Read Seed window to return to the course page