Read Seed evaluates your student's reading automatically. But you can view the automatic evaluation in detail, and override with your own if you wish. There are two entry points to an activity's grading page.

  1. The grading tab on the activity page
  2. The course reports on the dashboard 
Grading Tab

Course Reports

The Grading Page

The grading page contains a table showing each student's latest attempt. 

We can see the user's accuracy and WPM scores on the grading page. We can also see whether it was graded by AI or by a human. To access the details of a user's reading, click the "Grade Now" button. This will take you to the  "Grade Now" page. 

The Grade Now page has three parts:

  1. Results bar (top)
  2. Passage and mark up (center)
  3. Grading mode and notes (bottom)

Results bar

The results bar contains an audio player with a recording of the student's reading, and their scores.

MistakesThe number of passage words that could not be matched in the student transcript, prior to the last matched word.
WPMThe WPM is the number of words read correctly over 60 seconds. 
Accuracy(%)The accuracy is the percentage of words read correctly until the last matched word in the passage.
Error RateThe ratio of errors to words read. e.g "1 : 30" is 1 error for every 30 words read.
Self Correction RateThe ratio of self corrections to errors. e.g "1 : 4" is 1 self correction for every 4 errors.

Passage and mark up

The end word marker is a blue vertical line  that indicates the point up until which the student read. Words beyond that point are struck out. Errors are highlighted. The color in which errors are highlighted depends on the mode. 

Grading mode: "Manual Grade"

In "Manual Grade" mode (default) errors are highlighted in red. The teacher can tap a word to toggle its error status. Usually the teacher will play the audio through, toggling words as they hear them.

Grading mode: "Quick Grade Mode"

In Quick Grade mode errors are highlighted in green. The teacher can tap an error word to play the audio at that point, and mark the word as "OK" or "Not OK." This allows a teacher to quickly grade a reading by listening only to errors. 

Grading Mode: "Power Grade Mode"

In Power Grade mode errors are highlighted in red, and self-corrections are marked in green. The teacher can tap on a word to play the audio at that point. The teacher can mark a word as  "correct",  "error", or as a "self correction." They can also flag errors and self corrections, as:

  • meaning(m)
  • syntax/structure(s)
  • visual(v)