Cloud Poodll for Atto is a normal Moodle plugin and can be installed in the normal way. Visit the plugin's page on to get started:

After the installation, you will arrive at the plugin settings page. You can leave most of the settings as their defaults. But you must enter your Poodll API user and secret. 

You can get your Poodll API user and secret from the Poodll member's area at:

At that time be sure to also register your Moodle site URL. See here for more details:

Adding Cloud Poodll to the Atto Toolbar

After installing Cloud Poodll we need to add the word "cloudpoodll" to the Atto toolbar settings in the location that we want it to show.
Do this in the "Toolbar config" setting at: Site administration -> Plugins -> Text editors -> Atto toolbar settings

The Cloud Poodll icons look the same as the standard Moodle Record RTC icons. And you won't need both. So you might just replace "recordrtc" with "cloudpoodll." 

When an HTML editor is displayed in Moodle, under the default Cloud Poodll settings you should now see the Cloud Poodll microphone and  video camera, screen and widgets icons.