Read Aloud has a number of settings. In most cases the default settings will be fine. Some defaults can be set in the Read Aloud plugin's admin settings. In each activity however they can be overridden by the activity creator.The main settings are explained here:


This is the passage that student will read. It should not contain any html formatting (size, color etc) or images. In general the passage should be longer than the student can read in the allotted time. This allows you to get a meaningful WPM score for each student.


The AI in ReadAloud is not perfect it will often mistranscribe. So each passage needs to be tested and tuned. You use the alternates field to "tune," by telling ReadAloud that certain transcriptions though they do not match the passage, are to be marked as correct.  
e.g "Lets assign this to the too hard basket." might be transcribed as "Lets a sign this to the too hard basket."
In this case we would need to tune it to recognize "a sign" as assign.

This page explains in more detail how to use the Alternates field to tune your activity to improve the accuracy of the AI.

Welcome Message

This is the text that will be displayed during the mic test and reading phase of the activity. It appears at the top of the page. The default welcome message can be set in the activity admin settings.

Feedback Message

This will be displayed after the student has finished reading just beneath the title of the activity. I

Target WPM

If you are generating a gradebook entry from the student's reading, this number is important. If they reach the target WPM they will be graded 100% and for lower scores will be receive a percentage grade calculated as:  

(WPM / Target WPM) x 100.

Enable AI

For the fun auto grading features to work AI must be enabled. Most Poodll regions AWS regions will work, but note that Tokyo, Japan does not support transcription (AI) so please choose a different region in that case.

Other Settings

Time Limit

Mins : Secs of reading time

Usually the student has 1 minute to read and the passage is longer than any student can finish.

AWS Region

  • US East

  • Tokyo, Japan

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Dublin, Ireland

Which AWS region to use to store and process recordings. NB Tokyo, Japan does NOT support machine evaluation.

Days to keep file


The number of days to keep the students recording on AWS

Human/Machine Grading

  • Never use machine evaluation.

  • Use machine or human evaluation

Read Aloud will submit the machine evaluation to the gradebook by default. When a human evaluation of an attempt is made, that will be submitted to the gradebnook replacing the machine grade. If "Never use machine evaluation" is selected, the machine evaluation will never be sent to the gradebook. 

Post Attempt.
Evaluation display

  • Passage only

  • Passage and scores only

  • Passage scores and errors

What to show students on the review page, after they have attempted and received a machine or human evaluation. 

Post Attempt

Link to next activity

(optional) a link to an activity the student should proceed to after this.

This allows a teacher to follow up a Read Aloud activity with a related task, such as a comprehension quiz.