Poodll WordCards has settings at the site administration level and at the individual instance level.

Admin Settings

You will find the Poodll WordCards settings at:

Site Administration -> Plugins -> Activity Modules -> Poodll WordCards

In order to use the "Say the Word(s)" feature you will need to enter your Cloud Poodll API user and secret

For the other settings the defaults are ok. But you should set the language to the language your students will be speaking (Say the Word(s)) and hearing (Listen and Type).

Instance Settings

In the settings for each instance of wordcards, you can set the title, and introduction message (activity description) as for most Moodle activities.

Beneath that you can set practice and review activity settings.

  • Set Size  ... This is the number of words in included the practice/review session
  • Learning Activity ... Choose from one of the 4 learning activity types.
  • Hide first review session ... This will hide the "review" step when there as yet no words to review.

You should set the target language(the one the student is learning) here for the activity. The default will be taken from the target language set in the admin level settings.

Adding Words to the Instance

The teacher has extra tabs at the top of the activity. One of those is the "Words Admin" tab. Here you can add words to be practiced in this activity, and that will be release into the course pool for the student to review in subsequent activities.

When using speech recognition, the AI will sometimes mistranscribe a word that was spoken correctly. Examples might be, "sad" transcribed as "said", or "ok" transcribed as "okay." You can enter a comma separated list of mistranscribes for the target term in the "Acceptable mistranscribes" field.

You set the target language, which the student is learning, in the activity instance settings. Here you can choose the TTS voice (text to speech voice) from the list of voices for that language.

It is possible, and optional, to set an image and an audio snippet for each word. If you do not wish to use TTS for the dictation activity, you can add an audio snippet here and it will be used instead.

In the lower half of the page, the existing words can be viewed, or administered from the words table.