1. Sign up on poodll.com

To use Read Aloud for Poodll you will need an account on poodll.com. Get an account by signing up for a subscription or a free trial at https://poodll.com/plugin-poodll-readaloud

2. Register your site URLs

Poodll registers your site URLs as they appear in the Moodle site configuration file. Your registration is checked against that when Poodll runs. To register your site URL, go to http://poodll.com/member and enter your Moodle site's URL/domain (start from http/https). 

Poodll paid subscription plans allow you to use a wildcard '*' in place of the www (or other subdomain) to enable all subdomains (e.g., https://*.mycoolsite.com). Please note that the URL must begin with either "https" or "http".
(Free trial subscriptions do not support wildcards).

Poodll may also generate a registration code for each registered URL beneath the URL field. Ignore this, as it's not used by Read Aloud for Poodll.

3. Copy your API User and API Secret

You will find your API user and secret by clicking on the "API Creds" tab at https://poodll.com/member. Either copy them or leave the page open, as you will need to enter these in the Read Aloud settings on your own site.

4. Install the Read Aloud for Poodll.

You can install the Poodll plugins in one of three ways:

  1. Moodle.org
  2. Zip file
  3. Git Hub 

The plugin page on Moodle.org can be found at: https://moodle.org/plugins/mod_readaloud
The github page is: https://github.com/justinhunt/moodle-mod_readaloud

More information on installing Read Aloud can be found here:


5. Set the API username and secret 

In the settings page for Read Aloud for Poodll, you can add the API username and secret. Do this at:

Site Administration -> Plugins -> Activities -> Read Aloud Activity

After adding the API username and secret and clicking "Save changes", you can confirm that everything is okay by pressing the "Refresh license information" link.

When you renew or upgrade your subscription (e.g., from a free trial to a paid membership) the Read Aloud settings will update automatically. However, it may take up to 12 hours for the changes to the settings to come through. Click "Refresh license information" to pull the changes immediately. 

6. Start using Read Aloud for Poodll

At this point the plugin should be ready to use. For more documentation and videos about Read Aloud, visit


Refer to the Read Aloud demo course to see a full course:


To get started quickly, download our Read Aloud course and restore it on your own site. Taking a look at the Alternatives section of the activity settings will help you to understand how passages can be "tuned" to provide greater accuracy.