Poodll supports lightboxes in a number of different ways. A lightbox is a popover window above the page, that is triggered by clicking something on the page. They are great for displaying  images or media that would be cumbersome inline on the page. With the Poodll lightboxes you place the  the lightbox tags on the page, and insert the content that you wish to display in the lightbox popup between the tags.

  1. Lightbox2 
  2. Lightbox2 Image
  3. Lightbox2 Thumbnail
  4. YouTube Lightbox
  5. Vimeo Lightbox

Lightbox 2


Lightbox 2 has only one setting, and that is the trigger text that will pop open the lightbox. After that simply enter your content between the tags.

Some Lightbox2 settings:

Content between the tags:

Lightbox2 Image

This is optimized for displaying images. There is no trigger text. Simply place an image in between the tags, and a thumbnail of the image will be displayed. When the thumbnail is clicked the full image is shown. The height and width of the thumbnail can be adjusted if the defaults are not suitable.

Lightbox 2 Thumbnail

This will use a thumbnail image as the trigger. When the thumbnail is clicked the contents between the lightbox tags will be displayed in the lightbox. The first image between the tags is used as the thumbnail and is removed from the content displayed in the lightbox itself.

YouTube Lightbox

If you set a YouTube video id, then the Youtube lightbox widget will fetch the video thumbnail and display that as the lightbox trigger and display the YouTube video in the lightbox. The Youtube ID is the 11 character long string near the end of the YouTube video's url. eg

In this case: 


The id is: mlvIFV_8v7Q

Vimeo Lightbox

The Vimeo Lightbox works in the same way as the YouTube lightbox, though in this case the Vimeo ID is a 9 digit numerical ID. from the URL. eg.

In this case:

The id is:  729480797

Watch the Video

In this video the Poodll Guy discusses how to lightboxes with image thumbnails.

More Information

See here for a brief introduction to using Poodll Widgets.