Cloud Poodll Assignment Feedback enables teachers to record and upload feedback right inside Moodle's native Assignment activity. It has no dependencies and recordings are stored in the Poodll cloud. The teacher has a choice of audio and video recorders to use. 

Creating an Assignment with Cloud Poodll Feedback 

Turn editing on and select "Add an activity or resource".

Choose "Assignment" from the popup menu and click "Add".

Under "Feedback types" select "Cloud Poodll Audio / Video". At this time you should also choose whether you wish to add an audio or video recorder. You can also select a recorder skin and set a time limit for recordings (the default, 0, means that there is no limit on the length of recordings). Enabling transcription will give you the option to provide the students with both your recorded feedback and a transcription.   

After the students have submitted their assignments, go to the activity and select "Grade". For each submission, you will see a recorder, which you can use to provide oral feedback. 

Students will be able to access recorded feedback by returning to the assignment and scrolling to the bottom of the "Submission status" page.