Poodll Solo is an auto graded free speaking activity for language students. Each activity has 4 steps.

  1. Students prepare to speak from a topic the teacher prepares.
  2. Students record themselves speaking.
  3. Students transcribe their own speech.
  4. Students review their performance based on an automated assessment.

The Speaking Topic

The teacher prepares a speaking topic for the activity in the activity settings. We recommend that you use a combination of three media options for this: text,  media file upload, and iframe embed. These will display reliably on mobile devices.

Auto grading

Poodll Solo by default will apply a formula based on speaking clarity , word count and target words to build a score for the students performance. This formula can be configured in the activity's grading settings.

Step 1: Prepare

When the student attempts the activity they will first be shown the speaking topic and have time to prepare to speak.

Step 2: Record

In the next stage students should record for the allotted time and try to use as many target words/phrases as possible.

Step 3: Transcribe

In the next phase students listen to their own speech and type out the transcript. This is intended to encourage students to review their own speaking and to compensate for inaccuracies in automated speech recognition. 

Step 4: Review

In the final step, students see an automated analysis of their speaking.


Manual Grading

Poodll Solo allows the teacher to review students work and provide a grade and feedback. It is also possible to use Rubric grading. The grading interface shows sets of 3 students side by side to make comparing student data easier.