Poodll Solo has settings at the site administration level and at the individual instance level.

Admin Settings

You will find the Poodll Solo settings at:

Site Administration -> Plugins -> Activity Modules -> Poodll Solo

Cloud Poodll Credentials

You will need to enter your Cloud Poodll API user and secret in order to use the activity. The same API user and secret can be used for all your Poodll plugins. Visit Poodll.com to get your subscription and API user and secret.

Attempt Settings

The attempt settings should probably set to the default settings. They control some aspects of the process including grading and transcription. These settings act as defaults for the instance settings where they can be overridden in most cases if required.

Cloud Settings

Set the region in which you want to save your recordings in the AWS region dropdown. The close to you the region is, the faster uploads, downloads and processing will complete.

Instance Settings

In the settings for each instance of Poodll Solo, you can set the title, target speaking time, speaking topic, target words, and auto-grading options.

Attempt Settings

The attempt settings control the time, recorder style and limitations on editing and re-attempting the activity.

Speaking Topic

In the speaking topic section you provide a brief topic text explanation and optional image/audio/video or embedded iframe resources. The resources will only be displayed on the Prepare phase of the activity. In the record phase they will see only the text explanation, tips and target words.

Target Words and Tips

Target words are displayed to students to encourage them to include in their speech. By default students earn extra points per target word inclusion. 


Auto grading calculates a base score from the spoken words / total words goal. This is then multiplied by the speaking clarity score. The speaking clarity score is derived from the comparison of the manual transcript with the automatic transcript. Finally points are added or removed based on the number of target words, number of spelling mistakes, number of grammar mistakes etc.