Poodll MiniLesson has settings at the site administration level and at the individual instance level.

Admin Settings

You will find the Poodll MiniLesson settings at:

Site Administration -> Plugins -> Activity Modules -> Poodll MiniLesson

Cloud Poodll Credentials

You will need to enter your Cloud Poodll API user and secret in order to use the activity. The same API user and secret can be used for all your Poodll plugins. Visit Poodll.com to get your subscription and API user and secret.

Attempt Settings

The most important settings are the AWS region and TTS Voice Language settings. Set the AWS region as close to your own country as possible to ensure audio is processed and recognitions returned as fast as possible. The TTS Voice should be the language you wish items to be read aloud in. It can be overridden at the activity level.

The Text and Media settings determines whether content is specified using a rich text editor, or with text and media are separately configured. That latter lays out more reliably on different screen sizes and is recommended.

Instance Settings

It is possible to override the default settings (from the admin settings) in the instance. In addition it is possible to set the number of attempts allowed and whether to show lesson item titles (or just page numbers) during the MiniLesson.

In the Post attempt options it is possible to set a subsequent qctivity to which the student can continue after completing the MiniLesson.