Using Poodll LTI on your Moodle site you can add Poodll activities such as ReadAloud and audio recording assignments, to your courses without installing Poodll. With Poodll LTI set up as an external tool, Poodll activities are available from the activity chooser, almost as though they were installed locally. 

The following video explains how to set up Poodll LTI on your Moodle site. You will need to be a site administrator to do this. More details and demo credentials are available below the video.

Getting Started

To set up Poodll via LTI on your site:

  1. Fetch your Poodll LTI Credentials from

    ...then on your Moodle Site ...

Add a new External Tool to your Moodle site

As site administrator, visit:

Site Administration -> Plugins -> Activity Modules -> External Tools -> Manage External Tools

Paste the Tool URL from the Poodll LTI credentials that you received in the previous step and press "Add"

You will then be asked to enter your Consumer Key and Shared Secret. Set both the Consumer Key and Shared secret to those you received from Poodll with LTI credentials.

A new external tool will appear.

Configure Poodll LTI External Tool

External tools have a lot of configuration settings. But you can leave most of them untouched. You should however set the following:

Enter the configuration area by clicking on the little settings cog on the top right of the tool you just added.

These are the settings that you should set:

Consumer Key

This will have already been set in the previous step.

Shared Secret
This will have already been set in the previous step.

Default Launch ContainerSet this to "New window."
It is possible to choose "Embed without blocks" but some browsers will not work correctly. So please use "New window."
Tool Configuration Usage
Set this to "Show in Activity Chooser and as a preconfigured tool"
Content Item Message
[important] Check this checkbox. It is hidden by default until you click the "Show more ..." link. You do not need to set the "content selection URL."This enables the "select content" button that you will later use to add new/existing Poodll activities.

Privacy -> Share launchers name with Tool
Privacy -> Share launchers email with Tool
Privacy -> Accept Grades from the Tool

Set these to "Always" and by default grades for completed activities will be sent to your Moodle gradebook. And you will be able to use the Poodll reports and grading features with the students real name.
You will need to expand the "Privacy" section of the tool's settings page.

Test the Poodll LTI External Tool

Visit a course page as a teacher or higher role and choose to add a new activity. In the activity chooser you should see the tool that you just created. If you do not, return the Manage External Tools page and check you have configured the tool as explained above.

Select the Poodll LTI tool that you created and you should see a screen like the one below. Click on the "Select Content" button to open the Poodll Tools Activity Chooser.