Poodll LTI provides 5 Poodll activities that can be used on your Moodle site, without installing anything new.

  1. Audio/video recording assignment
  2. Poodll MiniLesson
  3. Poodll ReadAloud
  4. Poodll Solo
  5. Poodll WordCards

The following video explains how to use Poodll via LTI. 

More details are available below the video.

Getting Started

You will first need to set up Poodll LTI as an external tool as described here:
Setting up Poodll LTI on your Moodle Site

After this is done, Poodll will be available as an activity in the activity chooser.

Select the Poodll LTI tool from the activity chooser. The External tool settings page will open. Click the "Select Content" button to open the Poodll activity chooser.

From the Poodll activity chooser, select the activity you wish to add. You will be shown a list of any existing activities of that type. You can choose to add an existing activity, or to create a new activity.

If you create a new activity you should just give it a title. Activity specific settings should be done later.


Select the activity to add to the course using the + icon. You will return to the external tool settings page.

Click "Save and Display" to finish adding the tool and to be taken to the activity

Configuring the Activity

If this is a new activity then you will need to set it up further. Each Poodll activity has a "Setup" tab. Use this for the main activity settings. Each activity may have other set up steps also. eg MiniLesson requires lesson items to be set up, and WordCards requires words to be added to the activity.