Using Poodll LTI on your Moodle site you can add Poodll activities such as ReadAloud and audio recording assignments, to your courses without installing Poodll. With Poodll LTI set up as an external tool, Poodll activities are available from the activity chooser, almost as though they were installed locally. 

Fetch Poodll LTI Credentials

You will need a set of credentials to gain access to Poodll LTI. To request your own set of credentials, contact Poodll at:

Or use the demo set below. These are shared between other users and will reset course content every 24 hours. So use them for testing, not for production:

Tool URL:

Consumer Key:


Shared Secret:

Getting Started

The procedure to configure a Poodll External App has several steps but should take only a few minutes.

1. Open the course settings page.
2. From the Apps tab, click on "View Apps Configurations" button and then click the "+App" button
3. On the Add App dialog, choose the configuration type:
 "By URL"
4. Fill in the remaining fields on the dialog. 
  1. Name: Enter "Poodll LTI" or something that you will recognize later when you need to select it.
  2. Consumer Key: Enter the Consumer Key provided by Poodll.
  3. Shared Secret: Enter the Shared Secret provided by Poodll.
  4. Config URL: Enter the Tool URL provided by Poodll.

Request your Poodll LTI credentials at . Or for testing you may use the demo credentials (which reset daily). These are also available at the top of this page.

Press "Submit" when finished and your Poodll LTI App will be created.


You have just made a Poodll LTI External App on Canvas. Now try creating a Poodll Activity as Canvas Assignment. 

The procedure to do this is explained here: