Poodll LTI provides 5 Poodll activities that can be used on your Canvas site as External Assignments by configuring a Poodll External App. The five activity types are:

  1. Audio/video recording assignment
  2. Poodll MiniLesson
  3. Poodll ReadAloud
  4. Poodll Solo
  5. Poodll WordCards

Before you can create Poodll activities as assignments in Canvas LMS you should first create a Poodll LTI External App in the course. The procedure for doing that is explained in the document: Setting up Poodll LTI on Canvas LMS

Getting Started

Adding a Poodll activity in a new Canvas assignment is a simple process once the Poodll LTI External App is configured.

1. Visit the course  assignments page and click the "+ Assignment" button
2. Give the assignment a name and scroll down to the Submission Type section. Select "External Tool" and press the "Find" button.

3. Select "Poodll LTI" (or whatever you called the External App when creating it).
4. The Poodll Activity Chooser will open. Choose any of the activities.
5. There should be one or more sample activities. You can create a new one if you wish by clicking "new activity." Select an activity by pressing the + icon.
6. The URL field of the external tool submission type will fill in.

Check "Load in a new tab" so the activity loads in a new window for the student. (You can leave this unchecked to embed Poodll, but note that some browsers will fail to log students through to the activity.)

Then press select to return to the assignment settings page.
7. Configure any other settings for the assignment and save it.
Congratulations. You have just made a Poodll Activity on Canvas.