Cloud Poodll for Atto is an audio and video recorder for Moodle. Unlike its older brother Poodll, Cloud Poodll has no dependencies and can be installed independently. 

The recordings are stored in the cloud and can be automatically subtitled in English, Italian, French, Spanish(US) or Portuguese(BR). It is also possible to upload media files by choosing them or by dragging and dropping them onto the uploader. 

Administrators can choose from recorder skins, and use Moodle capabilities to control the display of icons.

Cloud Poodll requires a Poodll API username and secret. The following credentials will work on localhost:

API user: localhostuser

API secret: w3gMcbQC0MDyPhCT

Adding Cloud Poodll to the Atto Toolbar

After installing Cloud Poodll we need to add the word "cloudpoodll" to the Atto toolbar settings in the location that we want it to show. 

Do this at: Site administration -> Plugins -> Text editors -> Atto toolbar settings

The Cloud Poodll icons look the same as the standard Moodle Record RTC icons. And there is no need for Record RTC if you have Poodll, so simply replace "recordrtc" with "cloudpoodll."

When an HTML editor is displayed in Moodle, under the default Cloud Poodll settings you should now see the Cloud Poodll microphone and  video camera icon.

The Three Tabs.

When either the microphone or video camera icons are pressed, the Cloud Poodll pop-up dialog will display. 

There are three tabs: 

  • Audio/Video recorder tab
  • Upload tab
  • Options tab

The recorder tab

The recorder displays the recorder. The recorder will different depending on the media type being recorder(audio or video) and the recorder skin (Standard, 123, Fresh etc). In all cases when the recording has been uploaded the dialog will close automatically and place the media player/ link in the html area.

The upload tab

The upload tab allows the user to upload a video/audio file from their computer or device, instead of recording. Its possible to press the "Choose File" button to navigate to the file from the file system. Or the file can simply be dragged and dropped into the dotted area. In either case the upload will start immediately and upon completion the dialog will close automatically and place the media player/ link into the html area.

The options tab

The options tab allows you to :

  • Specify if you want to embed a player or a media link into the html area
    In either case when the page is displayed, Moodle will display a player.
    A media link is needed to work with the Poodll filter and Video easy media filters. Moodle multimedia plugins can work with links or media players.

  • Request subtitles and select the language being spoken(English or Spanish).
    Subtitles can be requested for audio and video recordings(or uploads). They take about 5 minutes to become available.
    NB the subtitles must be requested (ie checkbox checked) BEFORE the recording commences.